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Ask-Waldo connects researchers with other researchers, students and publications within the entire knowledge community. 



Universidad de Chile

Ask-Waldo connects researchers within Universidad de Chile. The largest and most prestigious university of Latin America. A POC was constructed by profiling 3000+ researchers based on 18.000+ research documents (papers, articles,…). Ask-Waldo does not account for gender or title and in this way the goal is to promote more diverse research teams.

Connect researchers more efficiently

Ask-Waldo is able to connect researchers based on project proposals. Our AI understands project proposals and links existing research profiles that are most relevant.

Leverage on existing research

Ask-Waldo connects to the existing research databases and relies on the most real-time data available to make detailed research profiles that can be used in match matchmaking.

Not limited to boundaries of institutes

Ask-Waldo is not limited by the borders of faculties within or between universities. Connections are made by looking through all available profiles to end up with the most relevant one to be proposed to the researcher.

Create more diversity in research teams

Ask-Waldo does not account for gender nor for ethnicity. It is a known issue that research teams tend to be constructed in a biased way. We tackle this medieval problem by not accounting for gender nor for ethnicity.

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