Make pre-sales your revenue generators with Ask-Waldo

Ask-Waldo equips commercial teams in highly complex environments with the in-house expertise they need to meet customer’s sky-high expectations.

Strong pre-sales unleashes revenue growth

Outdated documents. No view on the in-house expert to assist you. Answering colleague’s repetitive questions. They all get in the way of closing deals faster. Time to get rid of these hurdles and unlock the power of presales.


Impact on revenue growth


Win rates on new business


Win rates on renewal business

Speed up sales cycles

By eliminate time-consuming searches for information, Ask-Waldo increases the team efficiency and move prospects faster through the sales process.

Increase win rates

Fast access to the most accurate proposals, business cases and client referrals increases the technical win rates of new business opportunities.

More sales, same capacity

Ask-Waldo allows sales engineers, solution architects and other pre-sales resources to handle more accounts at the same time, leading to closing more opportunities with the same capacity.

Upselling Opportunities

Increase customer facing time, know what’s keeping clients awake and anticipate their needs.

Close gap sales in product development

Tap into your colleagues’ expertise to deliver customized demos and POC in order to obtain the technical win.

Other use cases


Make Presales your revenue generators with Ask-Waldo


Connect your scattered workforce more efficiently

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