Fast Growing Organisations

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Ask-Waldo is the growth accelerator engineered for high-performance teams.

Fast Growing Organisations

Growing organisations are often disorganized, and the problem gets multiplied as you add more resources. Ask-Waldo’s easy-to-use solution solves this problem by centralizing the scattered company knowledge, allowing your new hires to find what they need, stay connected and grow.

Onboard faster

By providing new hires access to up-to-date documentation and best practices, Ask-Waldo decreases the ramp-up time for new hires

Boost retention

Ask-Waldo transforms new hires into confident, empowered experts, keeping them longer to the organization

Scale customer support

Not one client question, no matter the level of complexity, will be left unanswered once you ask Waldo. Help your growing number of customers fast by providing the most up-to-date answers.

Level-up your onboarding process

Standardized onboarding processes don’t exist. Ask-Waldo not only ramps up new hires but also reports on their most frequently asked question. Identify the pain points and onboard even better.

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Make Presales your revenue generators with Ask-Waldo


Connect your scattered workforce more efficiently

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