Connect your scattered workforce

Ask-Waldo leverages the common knowledge of all consultants to all your clients, allowing you to stay relevant in this rapidly changing environment.


Service companies nowadays are challenged by a continuously changing environment, due to faster innovation cycles and digital disruption. Clients now expect more value, a higher quality of work, and a faster delivery of solutions and services. Ask-Waldo supports organisations in keeping up with the high norms and standards.

Break silo’s

Find the consultant with domain expertise you are looking for, based on validated skills and expertise, not departments or titles.

Boost Cross-Selling

Know the in-house expertise and services your organisation has to offer and unlock the hidden revenu of cross- and upselling. Save your client the hustle of finding an additional provider and increase loyalty.

Productivity Consultants

Ramp-up your consultants fastly by giving them direct access to the most relevant project descriptions and best practices. Make them domain experts in no time, creating value for clients faster.

More value for the same cost

Consultants wasting less time on reinventing the wheel and operating more efficiently for clients, directly impacts the P&L.

War for talent

Finding talents is a challenge, but retaining them as well. Ask-Waldo transforms new hires into confident, empowered experts, keeping them longer to the organization.

Other use cases

Universities and knowledge institutes

Build comprehensive research teams within Universities

Fast Growing Organisations

Scale your business the most efficient way with Ask-Waldo

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