The smart communication tool

Ask Waldo

Provide an integrated, user-friendly platform, deployed within the company, where employees can compose questions and tag skills. Waldo takes it from there and finds the right match for this particular query. It’s time for ‘Ask-Waldo’.

Finding your expert

Get help & solve questions

Don’t let questions disrupt productivity. Unblock your workforce in no time. Waldo connects employees with the right in-house expert instantly. Just ask questions, attach suggested tags or skills or type in your own and hit send. Waldo takes it from there!

New way of working

Create collaboration, everywhere

Remote work is here to stay. Fully reconnect your workforce and make scattered knowledge collaborate. Make your workflow futureproof. Waldo supports ‘Work From Anywhere’. 

Avoid bottlenecks

Focus time

Waldo creates collaboration, not bottlenecks. Allow your experts ‘focus time’ and let Waldo distribute questions among other specialists, you have plenty . Experts choose when to snooze.