Three pillars, one app

The Smart Communication Tool

Waldo profiles, connects and visualizes your in-house expertise in a unique, three step process. By constantly combining data from every stage he makes them work together to become one great tool.

waldo’s Lab

Blueprint your workforce

Build the competence center of the future. Profile your workforce and give employees tangible, up-to-date skillsets, accessible by everyone from everywhere. Get a blueprint of your skillbase and make it dynamic.

Ask Waldo

Connect the dots

The backbone of our solution: compose questions, tag relevant skills and let Waldo find your perfect match instantly. Solve problems fast, give feedback and let Waldo use this data to improve its skills and update yours.

Map Waldo

Visualize your in-house expertise

Finally, using your data, Waldo maps key insights from your workflow. Get to know your employees, locate bottlenecks or opportunities and take data-driven action.