At Ask-Waldo, we believe in

People first when it comes to the most valuable in-house assets.

We believe all employees are experts. Human capital is a key-factor of growth and value and must be used to its full potential. Why look further when all the expertise you need lies right in front of you, just ready to be found? That’s why we believe in insourcing instead of outsourcing, by putting your in-house knowledge to work. Prepare for the future and thrive on the knowledge you have today.

Technology first when it comes to empowering people.

That’s why our skill matching algorithm changes the game of how people (read: experts) and problems get linked with each other. This all while generating more engagement among your workforce. We believe in collaboration and want to enable your people to help, get helped and share expertise in the most accessible way.

Skills and expertise, not functions nor titles.

We are allergic to endorsements and believe in objective skill sets with trustable feedback from man and machine. We want to challenge the status quo and bring along a new way of working. Bye bye departments, hello task forces!

Preparing for the future.

As the new way of work is bringing drastic changes. Knowledge and expertise should be accessible at all times, from everywhere, for everyone. We support ‘Work From Home’ but believe in ‘Work From Anywhere’. The future is now, make sure to hop along. 


First of all we will save you time, frustrations and most importantly: money. But at the same time we map gaps and opportunities, break silo’s (for real) and empower your workforce to help and share with each other along the way. Since helping people makes happy people, we also provide in the well-being of your workforce.

Get the most  out of your in-house knowledge.