Je bekijkt nu Ask-Waldo, the in-house knowledge search-engine

Ask-Waldo, the in-house knowledge search-engine

Hi there, have we met yet? We’re Ask-Waldo, the smart communication tool who connects the (right) dots in your workforce. Have you ever lost time at work looking for help? Searching for the right person to ask, but unable to find him or her? We’re sure you do, but don’t worry! You’re not alone and that’s where we want to help. Let’s meet!

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Quest for better in-house knowledge sharing

Maybe some of you already saw us passing by, but it is with great pleasure that we can officially announce the beginning of our exciting adventure. A new journey on which we as a team want to tackle one of the most rigid problems within workforces and organizations as a whole. We’re talking about poor knowledge sharing and problem-solving company wide. Our solution? Linking employees’ problems and questions with the right available in-house knowledge, easy and instantly. 

After months of preparations and working before, in between and after the regular job hours, Ask-Waldo has officially taken off as the team went full-time Waldo. Now it’s time for the real work to power up our battle against further time-waste and poor knowledge management.

But… Why? And… How?

Get the most out of your in-house knowledge

With our new application, we call him Waldo, we’ll lift collaboration between employees to a new level. Build bridges between colleagues with Waldo by your side and he will never fail you. You can ask him anything and he will always find your perfect match. That’s why we believe in him.

As convinced Waldo-lovers we have certain key-values that we used as a base for creating our application. We always try to pass these values on to future clients, interested parties and you, our beloved subscribers, in the hope you all want to join our story.

At Ask-Waldo, we believe in:

Technology first when it comes to empowering people. That’s why our skill matching algorithm changes the game of how people, problems and experts get linked with each other, while generating more engagement among your workforce. Enable your people to help, get helped and share expertise in the most accessible way. Spillovers between departments were never this easy. 

People first when it comes to the most valuable in-house assets. All employees are experts. Human capital and knowledge within a company are key-factors and must be used to their full potential. Why look further when all your answers are right under your nose, just ready to be found? Put your in-house knowledge to work. Where’s Waldo? Right here, ready to answer all your questions.  

Skills and expertise, not functions nor titles. We are allergic to endorsements and go for objective skill sets, with trustable feedback from man and machine. With our approach, we challenge the status quo and bring along a new way of working. Bye bye departments, hello task forces! 

Preparing for the future, as the new way of work is bringing drastic changes. Knowledge and expertise should be accessible at all times, from everywhere, by everyone. Answer to these new trends and make your company future-proof, with us. 

Synergies. First of all we will save you time, frustrations and most importantly: money. But at the same time we map gaps and opportunities, break silo’s (for real) and empower your workforce to help and share with each other along the way. Since helping people makes happy people, Ask-Waldo will also provide in the well-being of your workforce.

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Change your culture into a knowledge-sharing community

In these times of vastly changing technology, with new applications popping up everyday, we cannot keep holding on to certain old habits just because we’re used to them. Mostly, change is for the better and that’s why companies have to snap out of their rigid cultures. Out with the old, in with the new: forget departments and islands and make your company a knowledge-sharing community.

Discover how we can help you achieve this. Browse through our “How it works”-page or sign-up to our newsletter. Want to know more? Send us a message trough our contact-page or direct via  

Hope to hear from you soon.

Team Ask-Waldo

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