How it works? Simple.

Waldo connects your employees in the most efficient way through our centralized app. Got a question? Ask Waldo and he’ll do his magic.

How it works

Onboarding process

At first, Waldo wants to get to know you. Tell him about yourself. Who are you and what’s your experience? Based on this info, Waldo makes up your profile which he uses to get you assistance and let you help colleagues!

How it works

Ask Waldo!

Ask a question, any question.
Attach relevant tags or skills which Waldo suggests or type in your own.

Done? Hit send and Waldo takes it from there!

How it works

You've got mail!

Receive pop-up notifications about incoming questions, all in one place. 

Evaluate if you’re the right fit, share your knowledge or suggest a better in-house expert!

How it works

Connect &
follow up

Waldo instantly connects you to your match made in heaven. Get your answers right through our build-in chat or switch to your favourite third-party app, Waldo knows quite a few.