Get the most out of your in-house knowledge.

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Finding the right person in large organisations is a challenge. Locate in-house expertise fast by connecting the right dots, effortlessly and efficiently. Just Ask Waldo.

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The smart communication tool which profiles, connects and visualises your in-house expertise in a unique, three step process.

Blueprint your workforce

Build dynamic competence centers of the future with real-time data. Make your competence center dynamic and up to date with data you provide.

Connect the right dots

Connect your workforce through skills and expertise and solve their questions instantly.

Visualize your knowledge flow

Visualize your in-house expertise, identify gaps and spot opportunities.

Integrated everywhere

Waldo integrates seamlessly within any tool suite. Our goal is not to compete, but complete online communication. Collaborate in the environment you’re already used to. Anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft Teams

The new standard in the modern way of working

Microsoft Outlook

The most popular mailing system to this day


The world’s leading communication channel

Waldo saves you time money efficiency

Time and money

Save time, save money

Get your answers or find your expert in no time.

Connect Employees, Solve Problems

Engage your workforce

Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing company-wide. 

Knowledge Management

Break silo's

Make cross-functional collaboration work. Match people based on real-time skills, not departments or titles.

Benefit 1

Surface hidden skills​

Identify complete profile skills, not only explicit knowledge that is registered.

Benefit 2

Improve productivity

Use your in-house expertise to its full potential. Thrive on your existing skillbase and make it a real asset.

Web application

New way of working

Make your company future-proof. Facilitate collaboration with everyone from everywhere. 

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